China’s Mini EVs Are A Game-Changer & Going Global

Cheap Small Electric Cars

China has a solution to the EV problem: Price! Electric cars are expensive in Europe but China is producing a wide range of cheap small electric cars and now they are going global! Will these mini-cars be just as big of a hit in Europe as they were domestically?

00:29 Peter Fintl, Director of Technology & Innovation Capgemini Engineering
00:47 Stefan Bratzel, Director Center of Automotive Management
01:01 Günther Schuh, Aachen University Professor
01:17 Johr Zhou, Dayun Auto
01:27 Small affordable EV’s for Europe
01:47 Chinese EV’s sold in Germany
01:57 Dayun ES 2
02:09 ZhiDou D2S
02:20 Wuling Hong Guang
02:29 BYD Seagull
02:35 Geely Panda Mini
02:42 The Chinese EV Market: Price Analysis
04:07 China vs Europe: Average Price of Electric Cars
06:31 European Car Manufacturers and Battery Costs
07:44 The Role of EU Regulations in Hindering Small EVs
09:56 Lars Stevenson, Elaris CEO
10:49 The EU’s Costly Safety Regulations: A Barrier to Affordable E-Cars
12:00 The Time Factor: China’s Entry into the European Market
12,58 Jens Schulz, Emil Frey Group
13:35 The Possibility of Chinese Carmakers Producing in Europe
14:10 Dieter Trzaska: A Pioneer in Importing Chinese E-Cars

REV – The Global Auto and Mobility Show from Deutsche Welle
Credit to : DW REV – Cars & Mobility

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