Elon Musk’ Cheapest Car Is FINALLY Here!

Musk’ Cheapest Car Is FINALLY Here

According to reports, Tesla has completed the design of its upcoming mass market vehicle, which has been given the working name Model 2 and will be the “best” and “most affordable” electric vehicle on the planet. The statement was made by Samuel Alejandro Garca Seplveda, the governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo León, in reference to recent direct investment that the state has been successful in attracting. He continues by saying that the newly announced Mexican Gigafactory by Tesla will soon begin construction since “all the permits for the environment, energy, water, everything, are already checked.” And so in today’s episode we will find out what to expect in this upcoming Tesla Model 2.

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Staunch supporters of electric vehicles! The Tesla Model S Plaid, the fastest series-production automobile in terms of 0-60 mph acceleration, was introduced in June 2021 and immediately caused a stir in the automotive world.

However don’t let go of your hats just yet; Tesla has more in store. The company aims to push the limits of the electric car market in the upcoming years, not just in terms of performance and speed but also in terms of price.

Yes, you heard correctly. By releasing a vehicle that is as economical as it is environmentally friendly, Tesla is preparing to democratize the electric vehicle market. Tesla announced during its 2020 Annual Shareholder Meeting and Battery Day that it intends to release an electric vehicle within this decade for just USD 15,000.

And in this episode, we will examine everything that has been published or reported regarding Tesla’s ambitious mass-market automobile project.

We’ll also make assumptions about the technologies, including possible battery chemistry, that may drive this reasonably priced electric car. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting voyage into the world of affordable electric vehicles!

Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, made it clear that there is no Model 2 during the company’s 2021 annual shareholder meeting. Tesla has kept the identity of their USD 15,000 electric car a secret, however the media has taken to calling it the Model 2 or occasionally the Tesla Model Q.

The name of Tesla’s cheap model was mentioned once more on the second day of the 2022 B20 Summit in Indonesia (November 14, 2022).

Musk, who virtually attended the event, was questioned if the entry-level car could be called “Model I,” with the I standing for Indonesia and India, where reasonably priced EVs may become more popular in the future years.

Musk avoided the talk, however he did say that the company should seek a more affordable Tesla model because it makes sense.

The name of the vehicle that would sit underneath the Model 3 was rumored to be the Model C in 2018. We’ll use the terms “Model 2” or “Model Q” to avoid confusion and to improve search engine optimization until Tesla formally reveals the name of the US$ 15,000 vehicle.

Is a Tesla Model 2 prototype available? Tesla has finished the Model 2 prototype in China, according to rumors.

A Crossover-style

On January 4, 2023, Chinese blogs reported seeing a purported spy image of a USD 15,000 Tesla from a production facility, probably the Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai.

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