I Made a Solar Electric Car at Home

Show you how to make solar car at Home

Hi friends, today I will show you how to make solar car at home. The car’s top speed is 45km/h and it runs 50 km per single charge without solar panel and 65km with solar panel .
Here I used a 1000w 60v E bike conversion kit , 225w 12v Loom solar panel and 60v 32Ah li-ion battery. There are many upgradations needed for the car till now.

12v ,225w Solar Panel – https://www.loomsolar.com/products/lo…

1500W 30A DC Boost Converter – https://amzn.to/46A8aFE

The Machines I have Used
You can get here

Mag Welding machine – https://amzn.to/3ovkyTG
Bosch Metal Cut-Off Saw – https://amzn.to/3l4zhBm
Credit to : Creative Etc

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