I spent $100M in 20 minutes at the WORLD’S MOST INSANE car collection!

Petersen Car Museum in LA

Mat’s visited the Petersen Car Museum in LA, and he’s going to build his dream car garage!

There is a crazy amount of cars at this museum, with the total value of all cars on show going north of one BILLION dollars! But with so many cars on show, which will he choose to add to his garage?

Well he’s going to look through a whole host of different types of cars, from Tesla Cybertruck & Roadster prototypes, through to cars owned by celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Slash from Guns ’n’ Roses!

But that’s not all! It wouldn’t be a car museum without some classic, ultra-rare & ultra-expensive classic cars!

The question is, has Mat chosen well? Or would you have added something else instead? Let us know in the comments!
Credit to : carwow

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