Tesla Model X Plaid review: What’s the REAL 0-60mph?

Mat’s flown over to the American West Coast, and he’s spending the day in a Tesla Model X Plaid! He’s already tried one out over the 1/4-mile in a drag race, but let’s see what he makes of it for day-to-day living.

Starting with the design, it’s pretty much identical to the original Model X. The outside is very simple, with a minimalist look around the front, back and sides. As Tesla has only ever produced electric cars, there’s (thankfully!) no fake grille at the front. However, one design feature we’re not a fan of are the body panels, which at times don’t match up and are noticeable across the car.

Step inside, and the minimalist design continues! Apart from a few buttons steering wheel, seats and on the doors, everything in this car is controlled through the huge infotainment screen on the dash. Thankfully the screen is super easy to use and very fast, but we would prefer a few more physical buttons to make things easier to control when driving. As for the build quality, it’s ok in most places, but some areas leave a little to be desired.

As Mat is in the Plaid, it comes with 6 seats – the only option available for this version of the Model X. If you choose a dual-motor, regular Model X, there’s the choice to have it with 5, 6 or 7 seats.

When it comes to performance, the regular dual-motor Model X can produce 676hp, while this Plaid comes with 3 motors and can produce an amazing 1,020hp! Both cars come with the same 95kWh battery pack, and while the dual motor is good for up to 348 miles of range, the Plaid’s range drops slightly, to 337 miles.

The regular Model X costs from around £102,000, while the Plaid comes in at around £127,000. The question is – is it worth it?! Or should you choose one of the other expensive, high-performance electric SUVs out there? You’ll need to stick with Mat and see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:33 Design
01:54 Interior
05:25 Back Seats
07:50 Boot
08:30 5 Annoying Things
10:37 5 Cool Things
12:19 Motors & Batteries
12:48 Town Driving
15:44 Motorway Driving
17:49 Country Road Driving
19:28 0-60mph
21:04 Verdict
Credit to : carwow

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